Edible gift brand dominates
UK online market
within 6 months

Edible gift brand
dominates UK
online market
within 6 months


Berry Bouquets tasked Exceed to launch the brand digitally in the UK with a goal of hitting a 700% ROAS target together with dominating the online space for edible fruit gifts.

They wanted to ensure they blew all competitors out of the water whilst ensuring the new Berry Bouquets brand was profitable from launch. A tough and demanding task but one we were eager to take on!


Once the brand, products, competitors, and keywords were researched we set about compiling them into relevant campaigns and ad groups to ensure every single ad across the campaign was targeted to specific searches. This approach developed high quality scores from launch resulting in lower CPC’s and high click through rates to bring in quality traffic at a cheaper cost.

Using the research initially conducted, we used this information to optimise the Berry Bouquets product feed to make sure the highest searched keywords were present throughout the product feed. Google Shopping is vital to any ecommerce brand and we knew to dominate the market we needed to produce a high-quality feed to provide Berry Bouquets the dominance they craved.

Furthermore, we introduced high quality audiences, both remarketing and in market, to capture returning visitors and those looking to purchase gifts soon. Utilising high bid adjustments for the best performing audience lists, we were able to increase conversion rates and reduce the cost per each sale.

We were delighted with the results the above achieved with Berry Bouquets text ads visible at the top of search results whilst Google Shopping pages were dominated by their products. We pushed competitors out of top positions with auction insights showing the biggest competitors impression share on high performing keywords dropping from 93% to less than 10%!


896% return on ad spend

1,678% monthly growth in sales

95% of top ad visibility across vital keywords


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