Over £200K revenue generated during Ramadan & Eid

Over £200K revenue
generated during
Ramadan & Eid


Eid Party took the Islamic décor market by storm with over 100,000 followers amassed organically on social media. Their paid media was handled in house using simple Google led automated campaigns and left to run whilst paid social was run with simple boosts of organic posts. Exceed were tasked to bring our paid media expertise to revamp Eid Party’s digital marketing and increase turnover and ROAS, in the UK and across the globe.


Branded campaigns were built instantly to ensure maximum coverage on Eid Party related search terms and promote key décor themes through ad messaging resulting in higher conversion rates than previously seen when PPC was managed in house.

Campaigns around core keywords such as ‘Ramadan décor’ and ‘Eid décor’ were vital to Eid Party’s success with high volume of traffic and sales coming through these campaigns. With return on ad spend (ROAS) high through the well optimised campaigns we were able to ensure Eid Party stayed front of mind by dominating top ad positions and increasing market share.

With a wide range of décor products available through the Eid Party range, thorough keyword research was conducted per product category and built into relevant and optimised campaigns. This allowed us to maximise traffic through longer tail searches where expected click through and conversion rates were higher.

Due to Google’s policies related to religious beliefs and products, we were unable to use remarketing lists for Eid Party but this didn’t stop us from using in market and affinity audiences to overlay onto each campaign. We primarily targeted those in-market for ‘Gifts & Occasions’ whilst targeting parents who wanted to make Ramadan & Eid special for their children also proved successful.

Shopping ads were vital to the success of Eid Party’s digital marketing campaigns with over 34% of non-branded sales coming through this channel. Using an optimised product feed combined with ROAS bidding strategies that focused on maximising revenue, we were able to return an impressive 6% conversion rate and high profits.

Core of a key social media strategy is creating optimised audiences. Thinking outside the box we created audiences that included charities with an affinity to Muslims whilst also targeting those who were interested in nasheed artists (Islamic singers). We remarketed to potential customers who had been to the website previously whilst there was a key focus on those who had abandoned their cart. Facebook’s powerful lookalike audiences were then added and all this combined together resulted in substantial sales and profits.


Over £200,000 revenue generated

£13 profit for every £1 spent on ads

6% conversion rate through shopping ads


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