Cost per rental reduced by 50% despite COVID travel restrictions

Cost per rental reduced by 50% despite COVID travel restrictions


Enjoy Travel were looking for an agency they could trust to take over from their in-house management of their paid marketing campaigns. Like many other brands, they’d tried the route of working with agencies but ended up bringing it in-house due to a lack of results.

Having worked successfully with the newly appointed director on a previous project that led to a multi-million buyout of the brand, Exceed were trusted with multiple objectives:

  1. Increasing market share for Enjoy Travel in the car rental space across the world
  2. Assisting with transitioning the brand from Enjoy Car Hire to Enjoy Travel
  3. Increasing car rental bookings via non branded searches
  4. Decreasing the cost per car rental booking

This was whilst the COVID pandemic had affected worldwide travel dramatically, an industry that is key to brands in the car rental space.


Initial quick wins were found to optimise current campaigns to instantly reduce the cost per car rental booking whilst in the background we worked on totally revamping their paid marketing campaigns.

We built new targeted and optimised campaigns per each key travel destination, developed new marketing audiences strategically to remarket to and constantly monitored travel restrictions updates to tackle the COVID travel restrictions.

Once we had enough data per campaign and destination, we put our expertise to work to find areas to optimise and grow the number of bookings whilst at the same time reducing the cost per booking.

Whilst bookings through branded search decreased due to the volatility of the market, our new non-branded campaigns and optimisations were so powerful that we were able to reduce the cost per car rental booking by over 50% in less than 3 months!


52% reduction in cost per car rental booking

168% growth in non-brand bookings

70% increase in click to booking conversion rate


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