Brand launch for fitness brand returns £1m in less than 12 months

Brand launch for fitness brand returns £1m in less than 12 months


With massage guns taking the health & fitness industry by storm, Recovapro were a new player in the industry taking on established brands like Theragun & Hyperice.

Not only were Recovapro bringing a new product to market, but they were also a new brand with zero brand presence. Exceed were tasked to launch the brand in the UK, Europe, US & UAE with tough ambitious sales targets to hit from day one and establish both the brand and product as key players in the industry.


With thorough market and product research conducted, we set out creating a targeted strategy that reaped huge rewards. Using paid search, we took on the established brands by setting up optimised campaigns targeting competitor keywords whilst sending traffic to a comparison landing page which resulted in high quality scores, efficient CPC’s and strong sales performance. Not only did this help with sales, but also helped establish the brand name and increase consideration of the Recovapro product.

Additional paid search campaigns were launched to target product related searches and drive incremental traffic and sales. Furthermore, we optimised the Recovapro product feed and launched shopping campaigns that appeared alongside competitor and product related search terms.

All campaigns were underlaid with optimised remarketing lists to ensure users were captured at different stages of the marketing funnel. Segmented lists based on website usage and length of visit helped to boost conversion rates and decrease cost per sale. Moreover, device bid adjustments ensured we maximised mobile traffic and sales.


£1million revenue generated in 8 months

80% of sales via competitor targeting

60% of sales via mobile


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